Our green strategy

Our innovative Green strategy, which is based on real principles that not only save energy and resources but also save money, have made us the developer of choice for many organisations across both the private and public sectors.

Our new developments incorporate environmental features and renewable energy technologies as standard. This means superior performance on energy efficiency, a better work environment, significant carbon reduction, maximising renewable energy usage and significant habitat preservations. Above all, it means that your new space has minimum impact on the space around it. All the spaces we create are green spaces.

Environmental Policy

We recognise that our business activities have a substantial impact on the environment in which we all live.  Therefore, we are committed to the following:-

  • To use best practice in the design and planning of our developments to ensure they respect their locations and enhance the built environment.
  • To design and build properties using sustainable materials and practices and take steps to ensure that properties are managed efficiently, leading to lower consumption of natural resources and a reduction in waste and emissions generated during a property’s life cycle.

We comply with all relevant legislation and try to exceed legal requirements where possible.  We review our progress and aim to achieve continuous improvement.

We acknowledge that our advisors, contractors and customers have a part to play and, as such, we are working with them to realise our policy.

Responsibility for overall governance and implementation of the policy lies with the Directors and is regularly reviewed at Board Meetings.

Sustainability policy

Horncastle is a company with a long-term commitment to the principle of sustainability and we seek to positively manage our impact with reference to economic, environmental and social criteria. We follow best practice in these areas and integrate them into our business strategy. We consider this approach will add value to our long-term business performance.

We are focussing on the following key areas:-

* Resource efficiency; to use energy, water and materials responsibly, reducing, reusing and recycling.
* Regeneration; to make a positive contribution to communities where we have a presence.
* Flexibility; to construct buildings that can be used by different occupiers without significant structural alteration.
* Accessibility; to ensure that our properties are accessible by more than one mode of transport.
* Stakeholders; to listen to our stakeholders and to respond to their needs.

We comply with all statutory regulations and requirements relating to each of the above as a minimum, but we also seek to implement best practice beyond compliance where possible. In doing so, we aim to cut costs through eco-efficiency measures, establish a strong eco brand value and future proof our properties so that they perform strongly as markets evolve. The Board of Directors is responsible for the delivery of this policy and its implementation is reviewed at Board Meetings.

Green buildings and business parks

Horncastle is committed to delivering environmentally friendly features as standard and typically, these include:-

  • Provision of green space and vegetation to create new habitat for wildlife.
  • Sustainable drainage systems to manage the risk of flooding and water pollution.
  • Green Travel Plan to promote the use of public transport, car sharing and walking and cycling to walk.
  • Site layouts and building designs to blend into the environment.
  • Enhanced insulation to roofs and walls to improve thermal efficiency.
  • Greater use of roof lights to improve internal natural lighting.
  • Lighting systems that are energy efficient with intelligent daylight controls.
  • Storm water collection arrangements for grey water recycling.
  • Precise construction techniques to reduce waste and improve performance and building quality and remove inefficiencies in the construction process.
  • Initiatives in office areas include low flush toilets, waterless urinals, spray taps, timber framed partitions, energy efficient lighting, natural ventilation, improved natural lighting and the use of recyclable material whenever possible.

Additional feature can be added and these include:-

  • Renewable forms of energy generation including ground source heat pumps, PV panels, solar thermal panels, wind turbines etc.
  • Solar shading to reduce heat from the sun but maintain natural light.
  • Pervious external areas to reduce peak flows into surface water drainage systems.
  • Land for future expansion.
  • Green roofs for better heat insulation and creation of natural habitats.

We believe in implementing measures that deliver a benefit to our customers and are committed to the continual review of our initiatives as technology advances.

Renewable energy generation

Horncastle is committed to delivering a selection of renewable energy initiatives, which will reduce the environmental impact of our developments and the reliance of our buildings on energy from non-renewable sources.  These include:-

  • Biomass systems and boilers
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Wind turbines
  • Storm collection tanks for grey water recycling
  • Solar thermal panels to pre-heat hot water

We are seeking to develop partnerships with academic and commercial organisations to develop and roll out a programme of commercially viable and environmentally acceptable renewable energy initiatives across our sites.