Work on the third and final phase of Brough Relief Road is now complete, connecting Skillings Lane and Saltsground Road with Moor Road.

The road, which is developed alongside the £200m Brough South development, will ease congestion in the town by providing an alternative route for commuters and commercial traffic to access the Humber Enterprise Park.

Hessle-based civil engineering specialists, C.R. Reynolds Ltd, started work on phase three last year.

It is being funded by the HEY LEP, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, and the Brough South Consortium – the organisation behind the wider development.

The Horncastle Group PLC is the lead developer on the project, bringing Brough South forward on behalf of the Brough South consortium. The consortium is made up of the developer and local landowners Alma Jordan (Builders) Ltd, Riplingham Estates and BAE Systems.

Ian Hodges, Director of the Horncastle Group PLC, welcomed news.

He said: “We are very pleased that phase three is now complete some three years ahead of schedule, unlocking all the benefits of the relief road. We would like to thank the Council and the LEP in helping us achieve the early delivery.

“Before phase three completed, traffic destined for the Humber Enterprise Park could not get to and from the A63 without going through the town centre on roads that are generally not suitable for large commercial vehicles.

“Brough Relief Road enables drivers to bypass the town centre, freeing it up for residents and other road users. Everyone in Brough will reap the benefits.”

Phase one of Brough Relief Road extended Moor Lane to the railway track and phase two involved bridging the railway track and connecting Brough South to the rest of the town.

Phase two won a Certificate of Excellence award in 2017, recognising the quality of design and workmanship that has gone into the scheme.

As well as delivering the Brough South Relief Road, the Brough Consortium is also facilitating a major improvement to the A63 Brough/Elloughton/Welton junction as part of the Brough South Development. It hopes to complete these works by the end of 2023.